My first Test :) what is next?

Hi all, my first post on TR.

I’ve been reading the forums and listening the podcast for a long time,I have to say congratz because you guys have an amazing comunity!

I am from Argentina, I started MTB 2 years ago (in the middle of my 3rd season now). Until now I was training myself with a HR monitor, this year I was avg 10-12hrs / week with only outdoor rides.

Last week I got a Kickr snap and today I did my first test ramp (thanks @rkoswald for the referral :slight_smile: )

the previous month I did some kind of base building with outdoor rides, so I will jump into the specific phase now, I chose the XCM plan, my idea is to do 3 indoor specific works per week and 2 or 3 outdoor rides (1 long ride for the weekend, and 1 o 2 in the week to improve my skills - a big weakness for me - )

My question is, what do you recommend me to do??

  1. low volume ? doing the 3 workout indoor and take the outdoor rides for long rides (endurance) and skill improvement
  2. mid volume ? doing 3 workout indoor and try to do the other 2 outside with my HR monitor (I know it is not the same) and take some time of the ride to practice mtb skills
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Low volume if you are going to ride outside at All.

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I’d recommend low volume to start with- you’ll see big improvements just from including structured sessions several times a week, and it gives you the flexibility to include outside rides as you feel is appropriate.
You’ll also learn a lot about your capabilities and what kind of balance works for you by working through a LV cycle, and that experience will help you make a more informed decision regarding which plans you choose in the future :slight_smile:


Sounds good! thanks guys :+1:

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