MV/LV Training and Outdoor Rides

Hey smart TR people–

I’ve been listening to the podcasts and reading posts, but I’m a little confused about the best plans to follow. I have a fair amount of time to train, and I race mountain bikes. I did Park City P2P last year, which was the first time I followed a training plan for more than six weeks. This year, I want to work on developing speed and technical skills, so I don’t have any A races. I’ll just plan to do the local race series with the aim of being faster and therefore better able to do P2P in 2020 (fingers crossed!).

I am planning to do SSB1, SSB2, a build phase, the cross-country marathon speciality phase, and then maybe a build and shift into cyclocross for the fall. I’m very open to feedback if someone has a better idea of a progression.

My question is whether I should do the low volume and just ride MTBs with my friends on the rest of the days, or if I should do a mid volume and just ride swap the TR days for outside days when I want to. My thinking is that I should do mid-volume and follow the intention of the plans but ride outside as it suits me. For me, that might be Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays depending on what friends want to ride and whether there are races. Any thoughts?


We generally recommend to do the Low Volume plans to allow you to have the flexibility to do those outdoor rides. This also makes it so you don’t have to keep skipping workouts in your calendar.

We discussed this on episode 156 of the Ask a Cycling Coach here:

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Sweet, that does help!

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