Training One week on, One week off?

Hi everyone. First post on here after rejoining trainer road.
I am lucky enough to only work every other week so on my week off have a lot of time to train. When I am working I often get home really tired and struggle to find the energy or motivation to train/ride. I’m starting Sweet Spot mid vol next week and am after any pearls of wisdom from the folks on this forum as to how I can execute this effectively. My thinking is to follow the plan when I’m at home then fill in the work week with the occasional easy ride. I can commute to work and back on a fairly flat 6.5mile route.
As background I’m 52yo and have been riding mtb for 20 odd years. Racing solo 24 hours and longer marathon style mtb races for the past 5 years.
Thanks in advance

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Assuming your job isn’t too physically/psychologically demanding Id make my morning bike commute an hour long aerobic riding, keep the ride home shirt.

Have one or two days where you do the TR session, then warm down by riding to work. And vice versa, warm up in the ride home then straight onto the trainer for an interval session - reward yourself with a beer if needs be :wink:

I run at lunchtimes, even a 20-30min easy jog reaps rewards.

Be careful you don’t have too bit a discrepancy between your working and non working weeks, try to keep the TSS similar.