Training for cycling without a bike?

Hi there,

I had an accident a couple of weeks ago that smashed up my bike, to the degree that it can ride it neither indoors or out. Initially I took it as an enforced rest week – it actually lined up with my recovery week on TR anyway.

But a replacement bike is yet to arrive, and thanks to the great bike shortage of 2021, I don’t know when it will.

So what should I do in the meantime? How can I keep my cycling fitness good without being able to actually cycle? What workouts will help me at least stay as fast during this frustrating fallow period?

(I do have a pub bike, which I can ride around, but it’s no good for training. I also have access to a Peloton, which is OK but obviously not at all structured; I can get a lot of the training I need out of that but I’m partially asking as an interesting hypothetical as well as for my own needs!)

Thanks very much for anything you can share!

I should say: I already cross train a fair bit, with running and swimming. So looking for particular advice on cycling fitness, rather than fitness in general.

Why can’t you ride your pub bike? Heavy and awkward bike makes for good training.

Maybe possible depending on your resources ?

Hill repeats on your pub bike, or VO2 max work in the pool (100m sprints) will help for the top end. longer easy runs should help maintain endurance and I have found that it translates well when I’m off the bike for some time. I only suggest that since you currently run…too many cyclists try to sub in running without the required durability and end up injured…

Just Peloton and RPE or HRM - auto play TR in the background. Yes it won’t get recorded, but you won’t lose fitness.

spectraldoge, I’ve using Wahoo Kickr Bike since last July and absolutely love it. I cannot speak about your financial situation and if a $3,500 trainer is within your reach, or if you have room for it. If it is “within reach”, it emulates riding a road bike as good as it gets, and, by the way, it is a perfect do-it-yourself bike fitting device (if you want to try what would happen if you move your saddle or handlebars in horizontal or vertical direction). They regularly appear at REI, for example (which is where I got mine, and annual dividend from this purchase pretty much paid for a new bike computer). It is great for training - you can do it at any time of the day, in any weather, as it is all indoors. All you need in addition is a couple of powerful fans. It is great at simulating resistance and tilt of the bike forwards/backwards if you ride up or down the hill. I’ve been using it with Zwift, Rouvy AR, and The Sufferfest; tested with FulGaz and RGT cycling and OneLap but did not like those apps, for various reasons. So, it is pretty much universally supported. Cannot speak to Trainer Road - they do not have a free trial and I decided I am not tempted enough to subscribe just to test it, even if I can cancel with a full refund within a month if I do not like it. But I see no reason why it would not be supported.