Facing a few weeks without a trainer

So my turbo trainer is having to go back to the supplier due an issue with the freehub and cassette. It is likely to take then around 3 weeks for them to either repair it, replace it, or give me refund.

I am currently in week 4 of SSB2 LV and progressing well. I do all my TR workouts indoors on Tue/Thur/Sat, and I usually add in a long outdoor endurance ride on Sunday, weather permitting. I don’t have a power meter on my bike and struggle to ride outdoors during the week for more than 45 minutes over my lunch break.

So my question is, how should I go about training over the next few weeks? I was thinking of just doing unstructured outdoor rides as and when I can. I might try a TR workout outdoors using RPE - do many people have success doing these? Otherwise, I will just do some quick local loops when possible.

When I get my trainer back (or get a new one) how should I resume my training? I was thinking of going back to the beginning of SSB2, but open to suggestions/recommendations.

Cheers all.

If it were me, I’d just try to ride in the ‘spirit’ of the workout in the lunch break.

If you’re really bothered then push the workout to a head unit and try to at least complete the majority of the work in the lunch break.

I know they are ~60mins but you could get 2/3 of the intervals done with a warmup/cooldown. Looking at that plan week 6 is a recovery week anyway so it’s just 2 weeks of intervals, and 1 week of Z2, shouldn’t be too hard to ride with RPE/HR

Go to the pub and cry into a pint?

Or set the workouts to Outdoor and sync them to a Garmin device, or set them to Outdoor/RPE, and do the workouts outside?

You just need a quiet stretch of road and hopefully hills to get something useful done.


I’ve had good experiences doing outside workouts using RPE when I’ve had to use a bike without a PM. I usually look at the power targets to get a good feel for the interval structure before I head out as I’ve found that after training to power for some time you can feel when you’re in the suggested power range!

Also, it might take some experimenting to find the right terrain, but hopefully you have a few decent hills nearby. Good luck!

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Seriously though do what you can RPE wise and outdoors workouts but if you can’t fit stuff in for a few weeks don’t sweat it and treat the period as a step back in intensity and a chance to recharge your batteries so you are flying when you do get your trainer back. When you get back on the trainer AT should adjust to your then situation. Let the system do the thinking :wink:


If it was me, I’d just replicate the workout on the road as much as possible. For example if it was a workout containing 30 minutes at ftp/threshold, I’d do 30 minutes of threshold on the road in similar intervals to the original workout, and I’d do it by feel. If it was a V02 max session, I’d do the v02 max work etc. I often do that anyway and replace an indoor session with outdoor training (doing it by feel). I don’t think you’d lose much by doing that really.

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Cheers for this. That sounds like a good plan. I suppose in the meantime I could put in an Annotation so AT can react, OR jus restart SSB2 with a Ramp Test when I get my trainer back. I’m not using Plan Builder so I’m quite flexible really.

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