Training for Cross season

New to trainer road about to do my first month transitioning from road race now to some cross racing and gravel any suggestions on which plan to choose ?? Thanks

What do you have for current fitness?

  • (How much have you trained and how hard up to this point?)

What is your timeline or plan for the season?

  • (Do you have a single event goal or a group of them… and when are they?)

Answers to these will help pick specific info.

The general progression from scratch is:

  • Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2
  • Short Power Build (or General Build)
  • Cyclocross Specialty

That full setup is 28 weeks, and I am guessing you don’t have that much time. This article is a good guide to shortening the plan above depending on your current fitness and timeline.

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Thanks . I’ll take a look . I am just finishing my road race season so fitness is good . No “A” races planned just wanting to do some local cross races . First one is end of September and first gravel race is not until November. Thank you :blush:

Not an answer, but some related recent discussions:


Hey there!

Truthfully, Gravel and Cyclocross have very different demands, and you will need to pick one as your focus for the season if you would like to excel in one of those fields. You will then structure your training around your primary priority, and make some additional accommodations to aid your secondary focus.

If your primary focus will be Cyclocross, take a look at this article for guidance:

If your primary focus will be Gravel, take a look at this one:

I hope these articles prove useful :+1: