Opinions on plan for cross racing

I am planning my training for next year. I concentrate on cross so I have more than the 28 weeks required for the standard base/build/specialty. I will be doing some mountain bike racing during the spring and summer but they are for fun and skills development. I don’t care so much about results so I’m not looking to peak here. Here is what I was thinking:

I’ll time the specialty to finish up midway through the 15 week cross season. What do you think?

That is basically the plan I’m doing for cx next season, but with sustained power build rather than general first time round and general rather than short second time as also do TT races in summer so trying to do bit for both. If solely for cx then would do exactly the same as you laid out.

when do you plan on starting your plan? I pulled the plug early on this season, so I already started my '19 prep. I am doing similar, but after the 1st build, i’m doing ssb1, ssb2, build, cs spec.

That’s pretty much what I’m doing too.

I’m going to do the sustained power build and 40k TT speciality just for a change as I’ve spent nearly all of 2018 doing VO2 max and I need a break from it!

I’m just tapering for my A race which is the regional CX race on Sunday, and them I’m going to start the SSB1 after that. I’ll probably drop some weeks of the 40k TT plan as needed to work around any illness / holiday etc. so that my CX plan takes me to one of the V40 national CX events which I want to be my A-race next year.

Lets compare notes in a years time and see how we went! :grinning:

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I pulled the plug on this season too. Plan to start in 3 weeks.

I had a very similar focus this past year–primarily getting ready for CX but some endurance and cross country mountain bike races mixed in early on. I had a more compressed timeline to work with, so I did the following:


I’m really just finishing CX Specialty this week as I head into Resolution CX here in Texas, but I’ve also been tweaking the specialty plan with weekday C races and also based on whatever race is coming up for the weekend.

Overall I’ve been pretty happy with my season (some podium finishes, plenty of Top 10’s), so I think your plan is sound. Good luck.