Transition Training Program from Road to Cyclocross - Now or Later

Road race season ends Sept 1 however Cross race season starts Sept 22.
Presently I’m doing a TR Custom plan (9+ hrs week) for Road and was wondering if I might be better served adjusting my plan over to Cross earlier (July) rather than later (September?

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I’d say it depends on your goals.

If your road races are more important to you than CX, then I think you should stick with the road plan until the end of the season. You could take a short break between the end of the road season and the start of the CX season, then get back into it as CX starts up.

Alternatively, if CX is your focus, then I think it would make sense to shift to CX-focused training a bit earlier. In this case, I still think it would be a good call to take a week or two off to rest/reset, then start up a CX plan in preparation for the fall racing season.

Since Cross has a similar intensity as Time Trials…maybe stay with the Road Program and throw in weekly time trials to build up that strength. Then in September switch to the Cross program.

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