Training for bergs advice needed

Hi, I am going to be taking on some of the Belgian bergs later this year and wanted to know if anyone could recommend TR workouts that would help getting up repeat short steep climbs.


I think I did some variants of Jobs and Ainslie before last years visit. I think I just picked some of the shorter interval workouts out of one of the Seiler POL workouts threads. Figured if I could do 4 minutes repeats I’d be OK, which I was. What I didn’t factor in was the cobbles and the hit to the hands. Friction on the palms. But I’m a heavy, slower rider that can’t skip up anything. Did snap a chain at the top of the Paterberg much to the amusement of some picnic’ing moto riders. If it’s your first time you’ll love it.

Thanks SeeEl i will have a look at the Jobs and Ainslie.

Interesting point about the cobbles and hands. i never considered that side of the cobbles i only considered the problem or producing seated climbing power. I normally like to get up on the pedals. I can tell you now that I will definitely not be snapping any chains!! :smile: