Out of the saddle (#OOTS) Challenge - mixing it up!

One of the things I like to do to change up a workout a bit is to get out of the saddle and work on building that endurance. I know there are parts of workouts specifically for this, and Chad’s workout text is great at helping mix it up too, but I’ll use an entire interval for this instead of just a small bit. I really feel this has helped me out on the road, especially on long climbs (>30mins).

Does anyone else do this?

In my workouts so far this offseason, I’ve used the 3rd 10min interval in Carillon as an #OOTS challenge, and recently as well the 3rd 8min interval in Ebbetts. I typically ride at 60rpm during these efforts and of course, as Chad points out at times, these are always done with focus and without knee pain.

What’s your #OOTS challenge?

Here you go :grinning::grinning:

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Having once had my bike come out of the turbo during a sprint I am a bit hesitant to do OOTS work.

It can be a bit of scary thing; sprinting OOTS on the trainer. But if you just get into an easy rhythm, not sprinting, I think you’d find the stress on your bike much less worrisome.

Going OOTS doesn’t have to mean full gas. Getting to where you can comfortably work at an endurance pace out of the saddle is a ‘good thing’. I’m starting to throw that kind of work in when my aero position gets to be unsustainable. Always things to work on.


OOTS work on the trainer isn’t something that comes naturally or feels good to me. It’s something I feel like I should work on though, especially as being a MTB’r primarily I am OOTS fairly often… I don’t feel that not doing this work on the trainer has been a limiter, but maybe?

Also thanks for putting in the RPM in your post… the few times I’ve done this obviously the RPM slows, but I really don’t have a baseline for what to aim for. Maybe I just miss it in the text, usually it’s just saying “slow your cadence” and giving a range. Just like power, I like a target :wink:

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I do it. I did Round Bald +3 (4x20 High Tempo) today and did the last 20 min. interval OOTS. I also like to switch from small ring up front for a few intervals and then large ring for a few. Just try to work the legs in different ways. helps mentally too…


I have done many of these challenges in the past. I like them and enjoy them more with my rocker plate or on my motion rollers. The feel is much closer to outside use compared to a rigid trainer.

I do short OOTS efforts, around the 15-20 second mark. I’m practicing my ‘pop’, trying to ensure that I’ve dialled the technique and my bike won’t be going backwards when out on the road.

I also find that OOTS efforts help during the longer sessions, like a leg stretch.