Training for a stage Endurance Ride DEC 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is safe and doing well during the COVID pandemic .

I need some advice about training , I bought my road bike just before the COVID pandemic and due to the lockdown where I am right now I’ve not been able to take it out even once . I’ve been indoor training 4-5hrs every week for last 7 weeks .

Considering how the COVID will shape out in future outdoor rides look tough or definitely not as much as one would like .

Keeping this in mind do you think is it a good idea to Participate in 1600km 4 day stage ride from Delhi to Mumbai in December 2020 .

I’ve 6 months to train but most of it seems like will be indoor .

If not for a race then what do you guys use as a motivator to continue training .


The plan to ride 400km a day is quite a challenge. You are looking at cycling 16-18hours a day that would include food and water stops. Depending on your average speed. As you are not out training on the road just now, the long term endurance bit and leg strength training may be an issue. If your heart is set on doing the 1600km. Then you are going to up the amount of indoor training. I have seen some guys that work on the oil rigs do all there training on indoor trainers and be fast straight out the box when on the road, they could out climb me too. So not the most exciting training but your only option at this time. Up the volume gradually 5% per week. You can add additional workouts if you use TR use the plan builder MV century then as you progress go to High Volume. As to motivation, Music. You tube cycling video’s. Watch Paris Roubaix or spring classics, they are great.

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