Coronavacation no motivation

Just venting. All my races have been canceled. I tried to put In a new A race event that I’ll just do myself and re-do the plan builder around that. It just isn’t quite the same though. Have a 2 hour training today and finding myself sort of saying… meh. :confused:


Might be a good time to add volume and cut intensity.


Im right there with you. We have no racing in my state now it appears. Why bang your head into the wall.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m already on the mid-volume plans and probably don’t have the time to do high-volume. The plan builder seems to naturally tend toward interval training. Should I just ditch it and put in a base plan instead?

Interesting. This whole thing has actually given me some additional motivation knowing that so many people are likely pulling back on their training at this time.

Bottom line… I’m training hard and plan to rip some legs off when this is over. :sunglasses:


I’m thinking 3 or fewer HIT per week. Maybe even just 1 or 2 HIT sessions per week, but more outdoor rides in Zone 2, as weather and local regulation permits.

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Bingo. I’m over here stockpiling warheads for whenever racing resumes.


I could totally get motivated for future races and stockpiling warheads if I thought there were going to be any… but for me, I’m training for a set of 3 endurance races that when completed within one season, offer an award. So now that one of those is out, I’ll have to wait until 2021 to go for it.

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Ohio has no crit or road racing this season it appears.

Agree - I doubt we will race this year…I am doing some tempo and will add lots of outside rides in the summer if allowed!! point in hammering it otherwise when you get to next winter you will be to mentally burnt out to do the work for 2021. If by some miracle we do look like getting some late season racing I will just add a 4 week V02 max block but I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing it! :frowning_face:

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Great point about not burning out. A lot of peoples allostatic load is high right now. Work from home, economy is panty loading and the thing we all enjoy, racing is not going to happen

For me, the question of burning out is something I constantly am trying to resolve anyway on top of all this. I get super motivated to train for events, but putting events into plan builder and clicking next all of a sudden shows me an entire year packed with HIT. SSBI/II, Builder, Specialty over and over. I’m all for continually improving but the little dude on my other shoulder keeps whispering there is supposed to be an off season.

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Racing will eventually resume.

My motivation has waned because my schedule and time flexibility has gone out the window. I’m home schooling my 9 year old and my wife has had a hodge podge work schedule.

That means I’ve been able to ride almost every day but I can never plan for it or pick the time.

So mostly I’m just doing endurance rides on gravel and staying off the roads. I go for a strava segment or attack a climb occasionally but all the structure has gone out the window.

And it’s demoralizing that there is no end in site. I’m in southern NM where we hardly have any cases so far. We are going to be at the tail end of the infection. Will my kid ever go back to school this year? Will I be able to send my kid to camp this summer? Who knows? We also may move states as my wife’s job ends on June 30th. So much is up in the air…

This is natural, and you definitely shouldn’t feel abnormal or beat yourself up over it. I went through something like the 7 stages of grief as I adjusted to what we’re looking at over the next few months, and tied up a lot of that fear and disappointment into being upset that I missed my first big event (Mid-South) and my A event (Dirty Kanza) is off the table.

A friend and I have talked about the idea that the TSS available for training is always offset by the TSS of life. Even if you suddenly have extra hours free the baseline TSS of living your life is probably very high.

For now I deleted everything off my calendar through late summer (my A is now Rebecca’s Private Idaho), and reset for low volume to keep training in my routine without burning out. Allow yourself to be upset, do what you can to keep some training going, and wait for your emotions to adjust to all this disruption. It’ll come around.

Skip it. Have a beer and eat ice cream.


This is a great time to be kind to yourself, allow yourself to let go a little and just enjoy being with your loved ones.
In time you will feel ready to look forward again and start planning for the future.

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Had to Google that term…but yes absolutely - I’m chilling out on the PS4/ reading a lot of crime fiction and binge watching box sets when not working on the laptop (pretty limited what I can do as I am a teacher!) and keeping training ticking over (just trying to MAINTAIN weight and FTP)…anything to avoid the constant news onslaught. In many ways the media is annoying me they have gone full Corporal Jones (if your not from the UK google Dad’s Army - sitcom :grinning:)….I don’t think phrases like cases/deaths “skyrocketing” is very helpful even if they are trying to ensure people follow guidelines on social distancing. On the plus side weathers good tomorrow - 70 miles solo zone 2 I think…chill out and get my head back together…hope everyone else on here can do the same - stay safe.

I’m finding it tough to get motivated to train & stick to my plan. Not so much because racing is cancelled but the Covid situation is stressing me the eff out. I’m in New England & work on refrigerated trucks & trailers. It’s tough the last couple of werks knowing that the machinery I’m working on is going to be used for storing bodies. On the other hand, I’m super lucky to still be employed. So many folks I know don’t really know when the next paycheck is going to happen. And I’m worried about nailing a sprint interval? I just don’t have that motivation right now & it eats at me when I’m on the trainer. I just need to be in the woods riding my bike right now.


Might be time to chuck the plan out of the window temporarily, and simply go ride. I did an easy ride yesterday, and plan to continue doing so until the situation improves, which might not be before May\June from the looks of it.