Training during race season

After a productive 12 week session I let my TR subscription expire. Now I am second guessing that decision.

2 questions:

  • Would you continue to “train” during race season (this will be my 1st year racing)?
  • If so, what plan would you pick? (I do not have any “A” races I am working towards)

My concern is how much training takes out of me…I am worried about showing up to race with heavy legs…On the other hand, I typically have some of my highest power output days after the most intense training sessions…


Via this search using your title, here are some existing topics worth review:

I entered a few ‘B’ events into my calendar last year and continued on a LV plan. Results wise it seemed to work for me. Though Friday has normally been a rest day for me so I rested before a Sat TT.
I am thinking however, to try openers this year as my best FTP test came immediately after cycling home from work but I am usually WfH just now and pretty sedentary on a Friday :thinking: