Training Data freezing

Is anybody else suffering with the TR on screen data freezing? I logged a support call and had this response along with recommendations to change almost everything I use.

“Taking a look at your workouts, it appears that this may be an issue we’re currently working on where the training data will freeze and not change.”

My symptons are consistent and only have started in the last few weeks. Last nights workout was typical. 90 minutes - the first half was fine, then freezes for a couple of seconds - lots of times, then the length got longer 10-30 seconds, then up to 2 minutes. Finally with 8 minutes to go it froze and didnt return. Eventually after about 12 minutes the workout ended and saved automatically without me doing anything.
From the response from support I am assuming that I am not the only person to be seeing this issue.


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It was happening to me quite a bit on Tuesday night when TR was set up to read my power meter and power match to control the trainer. The 90min ride completed but only saved 22mins of data.
It ran last night’s 60min work out no problem (without data freezes and saved the full ride) but TR was just set to read power and not ERG control of the trainer :thinking:

Thanks for getting in touch with support, anyone else on the forum who encounters this should definitely do so as well, so that we as a team can better isolate the cause of these issues and help the athletes experiencing it on an individual basis once the fix is identified!

I made one change tonight and moved the ant+ sensor very close to my trainer. I saw one minor blip for about 2 seconds but nothing else during a 90 minute workout. Fingers crossed.
I am not sure why it is a problem now as the sensor has been in the same position for several years with no issues previously.

Did it look something like this, with all data points frozen and reporting a flatlined value?

I had this happen on 21st Feb recently, and to get it to pick up again I killed TR via task manager and then opened it again, allowing it to resume the workout. (The resume feature is a real lifesaver!)

I let support know and after some back-and-forth they said they’ve had quite a few cases of this but hadn’t been able to track it down or reliably reproduce it yet. However, they also said that it generally appears to be a one-off thing - and I haven’t had it happen again since :slight_smile: If you’re having it happen consistently, I’d definitely recommend reporting it. And if you want a workaround, killing TR and resuming did work well for me.

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Haven’t experienced this, but today I was doing my cool down after a workout and the app kicked me off the workout screen to the calendar and the ride vanished. I wasn’t able to resume the workout, but the scheduled workout I had planned for today was still on the calendar, but it wanted me to start from the beginning. So far I haven’t been able to resume or recover the workout despite support telling me to restart my phone, restart the iOS app, and even uninstall > reinstall.

I generally run Fulgaz in the background and save that file rather than the TR one. However I am sure mine doesn’t look like that as everything on TR suspends so no workout time is lost. I can tell on the longer interrupts as if it is say a 5 minute interrupt the time when end of workout will happen is increased by 5 minutes.

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Hmmm… had the app freeze on me twice last night and it dropped power and HR sensors several times. I had to reboot my phone and re-continue the ride.

So far after 3 TR workouts I have not had an interruption. This by moving my ant sensor very close to the Kickr. Having never had issues for years I suspect it is something in the TR code that has changed, especially if they are seeing multiple reports.

I had a freeze during my workout today and had to restart TR. Happened to me once before but quite a while ago.

Could be cache build up…

Definitely check in with to confirm. Sorry for the trouble!

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As an update, the same issue has been ongoing for maybe 6-8 weeks now. However I am not complaining as I have had great support from the team at TR.

Having tried every permutation of ant+ and BT on my laptop with or without other software running I have multiple times when the TR screen (time countdown, power, cadence, HR) all pause for at first a couple of seconds (when doing a VO2 interval you notice every second) and then the freeze gets longer so it can get up to 6-8 minutes. It almost always resumes but on occasion it has just hung TR. Any other app running in the background carries on with no issue. That is normally one off Netflix, Fulgaz or YouTube videos.

I do not have the same issue when using BT on my ipad

I have now been provided a legacy version of TR, which I have been using and my initial findings are that the issues does not occur with that version.

As I say, progress is being made and the TR support team are being very helpful but it is a bit frustrating.

I experienced same issue today for the first time and unfortunately during a 20-mins FTP test :frowning:

About 5 minutes in all the data froze and I could only scroll the graphs at the bottom. All the buttons were completely unresponsive.

Of course as this was an FTP test I couldn’t just quit the app and resume the workout.

My setup is Wahoo Kickr Core + iOS app on iPhone X (Bluetooth).

Will try again tomorrow. Maybe with Ant+ on my MacBook. Hopefully TrainerRoad team can debug this.

Oh nooooo!! Yes the team at should be able to sort you out. Sorry for the trouble.

Good time to try AI FTP Detection instead?!?!