Frozen Device Readings

Anyone have any ideas???
Already put a ticket in with Support.

Did a Free Ride 120 today and right at the 40:00min mark all device readings stopped recording…more precisely, they all read a constant value for the remainder of the workout.

Using Stages PM, Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo Bolt.
All paired fine with the TR app at the start of the workout, then this:

All data recorded just fine on Bolt and uploaded to TP without issue.
(TR also isn’t letting me upload the .fit file for some reason…[edit: .fit file issue resolved] )


thats odd, did you file a support ticket already?

yup :+1:

been reading contracts all morning, time to give my eyes a break!

Hey @Captain_Doughnutman,

It looks like Brennen, one of our Senior Support Agents, is taking a look into this issue for you :slight_smile:

We’re so sorry about the inconvenience; we hope to get this sorted out in short order.

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No worries. Just a super weird glitch, or as I like to say, “Ah, technology!”. :+1:

This has been happening to me randomly this year. I opened up a ticket earlier in the year and was told to reinstall and restart the computer.

I’ve opened up another ticket again today as it’s still happening and fairly annoying having to reinstall every time.

Have you experienced any problems since your last post? If not, can you remember how you fixed the issue?


It hasn’t happened since and I don’t remember how it was resolved. Sorry this isn’t helpful at all. I’ll search my email to see if I still have the correspondence from TR tech.

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Thanks @Captain_Doughnutman! Not to worry, hopefully support will come up with another suggestion for resolving the issue. :+1:

Found it!

A copy of the important stuff:

There is a list of things I’d like to run you through with you below that will hopefully keep this issue from reproducing in the future, or at least they’ll maybe explain the cause of the data flatline/freeze.

From what we have seen around this issue up to this point, this issue occurs due to the processing demands of the TR App, and the amount of processing power made available from your device for the app. Therefore, try your best to allow the TR App the most access to all the processing power it needs from your device by keeping the items below in mind when you train with us:

  • Close out of all other apps on your device during your workouts
  • Close out of/force quit TrainerRoad after you’ve completed and saved your training session.
  • Turn off all other devices that you do not need during your workouts
  • Ensure that Battery-Saver Mode is disabled before starting your workouts
  • Ensuring that your device is either fully charged, or plugged in before your workouts are recommended as well

Additionally, back-grounding the app for any reason may cause the “data freeze” that you see. So, you will want to do your best not to leave the app during your workouts, at least while this issue may still arise.

If possible, I’d recommend not backgrounding TR when training. It should alleviate data from flatlining in future workouts. We’re thinking this issue is a result of lack of processing power provided to TR upon it being backgrounded.

Hope something works for you.


Thanks ever so much @Captain_Doughnutman! That gives me a few other things to try. :ok_hand:

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