Frozen Device Readings

Anyone have any ideas???
Already put a ticket in with Support.

Did a Free Ride 120 today and right at the 40:00min mark all device readings stopped recording…more precisely, they all read a constant value for the remainder of the workout.

Using Stages PM, Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo Bolt.
All paired fine with the TR app at the start of the workout, then this:

All data recorded just fine on Bolt and uploaded to TP without issue.
(TR also isn’t letting me upload the .fit file for some reason…[edit: .fit file issue resolved] )


thats odd, did you file a support ticket already?

yup :+1:

been reading contracts all morning, time to give my eyes a break!

Hey @Captain_Doughnutman,

It looks like Brennen, one of our Senior Support Agents, is taking a look into this issue for you :slight_smile:

We’re so sorry about the inconvenience; we hope to get this sorted out in short order.

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No worries. Just a super weird glitch, or as I like to say, “Ah, technology!”. :+1: