TR app freezing mid ride?

iphopne 6 IOS user here, today was the second time this has happend to me in as many weeks. today I was doing Phoenix, and during steady state rides like that, I like to close my phone or just switch the screen to apple music as I find I it very mentaly exhausting to watch the clock count down for a longer duration. A few times I would check in to make sure the ride was still running as this happened last week as well, but as I figured I was close to the end of the ride, I opened the app back up and it was frozen at the 1 hour mark. It would still show a change in power and cadence, but the targer power and both elapsed and interval time were frozen. This happened last week when I was riding Petit, but I opened the app back up right after it happend so I only had been riding a minute or two without capturing the data.

outside of always keeping the app open, any ides as to how this happned?

secondly, I deleted Phoenix as I didnt want the one hour of the ride to show in my data, I added in the calendar a custom ride of 96 TSS to keep my data status quo, but the ride is not showing up in the TSS graph. Not the end of the world as I am not a TSS be all end all kind of guy, but in the interest of consistency it would be nice!


Jeff Leavitt

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Best to ask; they are really responsive. FWIW, I have always left iOS open and Music in the background with no issues.

Nice 1st post!

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Thanks for the heads up, I will send that on over to them!

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Hey Jeff,

Welcome to the TR forum! Iā€™m sorry that your first visit is under these circumstances. :disappointed:
We have a Support agent investigating these freezes for you, so keep an eye out for an email from them. Hope it all gets sorted out for you soon! :smile: