TR Erg Power Freeze - Anyone experience this / have a fix?

Hey, All

I’m new to the whole TR thing. I’m using a Kick’r Snap with TR set up in a laptop with Windows 10.

I’ve had two instances within two weeks where TR decides to hold or change power out of sync with what the workout calls for. See the image for an example of this (at the end of the first whole interval). In this case, I had to stop pedaling and wait for the “Resume” screen to come up. It went back to target power once I resumed.

In the other case (Eclipse), it wouldn’t get right no matter what. I had to shut down the workout, reload it, and pull the workout cursor forward to where I left off.

All of this I find equivalent to getting a flat and having to chase back on. If this persists, it will be the end of this budding relationship. Any similar experiences / ideas / fixes? Thanks…


Your best bet is to contact support w/details of your setup. They are both responsive and helpful.

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