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Hi Trainerroad Team. Great product! Best app, website, podcast and forum. 5 stars all the way.

My background: I rode motocross for 25 years, more than 15 years in the highest categories in Europe. Training wise I did a lot of cycling, running, strength work and so on. Because of health reasons (knee and back)and getting older, I decided to stop with racing end of 2017. But immediately I and my family found a new joy in mountainbiking. Started with racing XCO FUN categories in Switzerland (1h-1h15min race duration, same track as the pros (Schurter, Neff, …)). First year 2018 went really well, as I could work my way up and finish on the podium at the last race. End of 2018 I had a complete reconstrution of my knee (PCL), so I could only compete at the end of the year 2019. But again I could master some promising results. I will race this categorie again this year.

I have two questions regarding a training camp I will do end of January in Lanzarote. I will be there
around 7 to 10 days and will be on a road bike. According to plan builder I will then just have finished Sweet Spot Base 2 Mid Volume. And can start with Short Power Build - Mid Volume.

  1. How should I plan this camp?
  • Do an Endurance Block and ride a lot of miles?
  • Do my training according to my normal TR calendar and just add time in endurance zone at the end of each ride?
  • Do my training according to my normal TR calendar and just choose the + versions?
  • Go from Mid Volume to High Volume.
  1. Should I bring my on road bike or rent a bike (but that would be without powermeter)?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Go and enjoy the sun and wind and treat it as a solid endurance block, if needs be, you can always add in some intervals on the shorter days.

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Bring your own bike, or at least find a way to have a powermeter. Even if you never once look at power during the rides, you will want your work out there quantified.

Having done 10 4-day camps in Georgia, I cannot imagine trying to do intervals. Just ride a ton. Some guys hit the inclines hard for the intensity, and you may have to just to get over them. Use that for the intensity, and just do tons of endurance work.

Even a 4-day massive block of time will provide dividends. Every year I get some nice power peaks a couple of weeks after the camp.

Use the camp to get time in, enjoy it for that reason.

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