Training Camp (not too serious) over Christmas - what workouts?

Hello together,

first of all, thanks to the TrainerRoad team. I have been following the podcast since April and joined TrainerRoad in September after finishing my A-race. The podcast is very informative (imho one of the best if not the best on training related cycling questions out there) and the workouts on the trainer are great fun (can’t believe I am writing this).

I have been following the traditional base mid volume plan and am now about to complete phase 2 and enter phase 3. Over Christmas I will be in Tenerife for 8 days and hope to get some training in - mostly for the joy of cycling but won’t harm if it increases my fitness. Do you have any recommendations on what type of rides to do? I was thinking of doing long and steady base rides, approx. 4-6 hours with some sweet spot work on the climbs. Some further information on myself:

  • 28 years old
  • Training volume approx 10.000km this year
  • Peak FTP in summer over 1 hour test - 318 watts at 66 kg, current FTP rather around 300 watts (attribute some of this to the trainer)
  • Goal for next season would be to lift FTP to 5.0 Watts/kg.
  • Plan to peak twice upcoming season: once in June for 3 cycling marathons of approx 7-8 hours duration each and again in September for the “Ötztaler Marathon” which I hope to complete in 7:45 -

I look forward to your answers and thanks,


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Maybe two blocks of three days. Day one and two do 4-6 hours endurance and day three do shorter but more intense work SST and some VO2. Day four spin for an hour and enjoy something totally different. Repeat or make the second block an extra day of endurance.

Unrelated…It’s refreshing to read you’ve set a realistic goal! Good luck!

In the Zwift podcast Episode 16, the two coaches on their talked about how they used training camps to improve their athletes. I’ll let you listen to that but to summarize they suggested that at a camp with the reduction of life’s stress, an athlete could do 150 to 200% of their normal TSS. They also talked about doing base rides in the morning followed up with an interval session on the trainer in the afternoon.

Seems like it would kill me though to go to a glorious destination to escape the cold and snow to still spend time each day on the trainer. Maybe a break down of a double session where the first is base and the afternoon ride is intervals but all outside?

Enjoy the trip!

Thanks for your answers. I will definitely listen to the zwift podcast. What you recommended sounds quite similar to what I was thinking of doing. Will definitely not ride on a trainer though, as I am also there to enjoy the weather :slight_smile: