Training Camp Plans?

In a few of the podcasts, Chad and Jon were talking about the development of an intensive “training camp” style set of workouts, but I cant seem to find them. Is this still something in the works, or maybe it was something available in the past and was deprecated?


There are no “camps” available right now. Depending on the specific episodes you heard, they have gone on to different directions from some of their prior comments.

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+1 for the camp option. I’ve recently finished the back catalogue of podcast episodes and was quite excited when @chad mentioned they should be available. I know there have been a wealth of cool updates recently but think this would still be useful.
Something to keep in your back pocket @Nate_Pearson?

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This sounds awesome.

That’s what I was kind of figuring, thanks for the quick response. It would be nice as a future feature though.

Some comments from the guys who know in this thread.

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You can do this too…

Pick high(er) volume something something on build and go to town for a week!
Best way is hard Intervals do indoor and endurance do a long LSD outside…

Or if you want all outdoor ya can do that too.

That’s how I would be approaching things when I wanna do some sort of concentrated cycling camp.

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We totally mentioned this too early :frowning:.

In general here’s what we needed to do before this idea could be fully implemented:

  1. Bring in your outside rides :white_check_mark:
  2. Build a calendar :white_check_mark:
  3. Unreleased feature
  4. Unreleased feature
  5. “TrainingCamp” idea can be implemented, but in a slightly different way than we talked about (I think a better way).

This is excellent product nomenclature.

  • super secret feature #1
  • super secret feature #2






Oh snap :joy:

Thanks for getting back to us @Nate_Pearson. This level of engagement is one of the reasons I love your product and push anyone who will listen in your direction.
More than happy to wait longer for features if they come out at the level you guys insist on, just nice to know that the camps idea is still in the works.


Did anybody else get WAYYYY too excited for 2 unreleased features lol





Are there any recommendations to do a mini trainingcamp yourself (like the pros)?
I am planning to do one near the end of Januari and I will have 10 days of full time training (by then I will have finished my exams and I want to give my fitness a boost for the upcoming season).

How do I tackle this in the most efficient manner?
Maybe something like this; Mornings: outside LSD rides (Z1/Z2), afternoon VO2max TR rides and when feeling fatigued incorporating a recovery day and going to the kine for massage?
Thanks for the response!

I’ve not got time in my season next year to slot it in but I had considered doing an 8DC - they seem like they’d have an awesome training effect if used as a training camp

I’m no expert, but everything I’ve heard on the podcasts recommends the opposite; do VO2 in the morning when fresh and LSD in the afternoon.