"Training camp Mallorca"

I´m quite new to Trainer road, but so far SO VERY good!!

Just started the medium build fase, but I´m going for a 10 days vacation with my Cipollini RB1K in a few days, and wondering what would be the best approach to training during these 10 days.

Go for primerely long easy rides to accumulate volum/hours when I have the chance (good weather and so on - living in Northen Norway so icy and wet there…)

My plan is to go for fasted starts (starting the ride without breakfast, and just drink water for the first 1-2 hours) and thereafter fueling/eating as normal) I can do 3-5 hours + rides each day without rouining the marriage… :wink:

My goal is to become a all over better cyclist, both road, MB, and CX. Former bodybuilder now at 82kg 177cm, BF at about 11%, and an FTP at 288w.

What would you do?

If you are primarily focused on becoming a better cyclist and don’t have a specific fitness goal I would strongly recommend you go have fun on vacation.

Ride what looks like fun rides and focus on the adventure of getting to ride in one of the best cycling destinations in the world. Enjoy yourself

If, for you, the structure if the fun part - then do your best to pick routes that will let you extend your base training without deviating from the plan. So look at what the calendar has scheduled for you and do similar efforts but in beautiful Mallorca.

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Thanks! I´m a former active rider, but been focusing om BB/fitness the last 6-7 years, but now I have really found the joy of cycling again!

As for my goals, I´m a all or nothing personality, so I will do everything to be competitive for next years season, and my goal is to get my watt/weigth ratio up to 4,5 ish, to be able to hang on the best guys in the climbs. On the flats and downhill there´s no problem…

But yes, I love numbers, so adjusting the rides to the base plan was a good idea!

Again - thanks!

Mallorca is a great Island to train on as it has flat parts (centre of the island) and climbs up to about 3000 feet, none of which are too challenging. So it should be easy to take the numbers from your training plan and adapt rides to suit. But be aware that it is also easy to get sucked into trying to go faster than the groups of riders you meet. People also forget to program in rest days - you can’t do ten days in a row, stick to Coach Chad’s general principles of resting periodically. Maybe at least three days in the ten?
If you want to train so that you are fit for a Mallorca holiday, maybe you should aim to be able to do climbs of around 45 minutes (Sa Collobra). It’s a beautiful island ideal for cycling and I am so glad that I did my ride here this morning before the enormous thunderstorm hit!

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