Training camp destination?

I’m looking for a high altitude triathlon training camp of 2 weeks with my friends this summer. And we are really interested to visit Colorado or Montana.
Which are the best destinations?

I’d think Boulder Colorado would be on any list of places in Colorado to go train.

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Everyone around here (StL MO) seems to go to Scottsdale AZ this time of year

I think he’s looking for a training camp for this summer and at altitude, so Scottsdale is probably not a wise choice.

However, the OP might want to consider Flagstaff, AZ. Pretty close to the perfect altitude and it’s not that far of a drive to get back down to close to sea level for your intense training days. I think lots of pro cyclists/triathletes do altitude camps there.

Big Bear, CA is another good choice.

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Boulder, or many of the CO mountain towns should work too. Check out the new sportive series set in CO, as that’ll show you what they picked for the sportive, which is a good idea of some of the best riding they have on offer. Cycling Tips have an article on it today.
Tahoe is my favorite, and we just booked today for three nights in May (when it’s still pretty cold there, but the good news is the ToC will be in town when we’re there).
I’ve not done Big Bear or Flag Staff, but Phil Gaimon seems to love both.

I know you get more benefit from sleeping high and riding low, so Big Bear CA wins, but I prefer riding in the mountains, especially when it’s hot at lower altitudes.

And park city in Utah?

For Europe you can’t beat Tenerife and stay at The Parador hotel.

Benidorm baby! My uncle and his wife moved there and I am going to use that this februari!

I don’t know, Utah is beautiful for sure but I haven’t been there in almost 20 years and haven’t trained there. I’d have to travel through New Mexico and or Colorado to get there so I haven’t been motivated to get there. I would like to return to Utah though.

Colorado Springs might also be nice. I like riding around there, plenty of places even in town to bike and run. I’ve never looked for a pool there but I’m sure they’re there, it’s a big city. I wouldn’t place it above Boulder but it might be cheaper, I don’t know and it could be seasonal as it is near Pike’s Peak which probably draws plenty of tourist in the summer. I don’t know if Utah might be less expensive in the summer than Colorado but it could be.

But I like to go ride near Colorado Springs because it gets me into the mountains and it is closer to me than Boulder.

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I know this won’t be germane to this particular thread, but if I had my way I’d make an annual trip to my parents’ little home village in northern Portugal. I was there this past summer and I could be up at the summit of a Cat 2 climb within an hour of riding out the front door (the climb itself took me about 45 mins averaging 250w or so). Not exactly paradise during the winter though lol But I bet if I were there for a good while I’d get really good at the climbs