Training Camp Location on the East Cost of the US

Hi everyone,

I’m currently planning a 10 day training camp with a couple other riders in early march. The goal of the camp will be to get some outdoor training miles to prepare the racing season that starts in late april here in Quebec (Canada).

My question concerns the camp’s location. Do you have an idea of the best place to ride at that time of the year? It must be on the East Cost of the US, because we are on a tight budget (bike racing is expensive :wink: ) and we want to drive (no flights) there. We went to Pinehurst, NC, last year and we appreciated our experience, but we want to know if there is a better place elsewhere. I have heard of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, but i’m not sure if it is too cold/icy in march. Anyone with experience riding there?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Anywhere around Brevard, NC is great that time of year. You’ll find half the Ontario racing scene down there doing just the same.

You can ride Blue Ridge Parkway, climb Caesar’s Head, or mountain bike in Pisgah.

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Anything in Western NC from Asheville up to Boone. It will be a little colder in the Boone area vs Asheville area this time of year. Great riding either way though.

The BRP and surrounding routes around Charlottesville VA is pretty spectacular and about 5 hours closer than Asheville. You could stay in/around Wintergreen and have great variety of terrains. Longer climbs in the 4-7% (BRP, Montebello) range, very steep climbs that average more like 10% with pitches above 20% on the regular (Wintergreen, Cub Creek, Vesuvius, Reed’s Gap, many others), rolling profiles, spectacular gravel. Great restaurants/Breweries right there or C-ville proper is about 25 minutes away. I live in Richmond and get out there multiple times a year. Love it.

Early March it is as likely to snow as it is to be 60 degrees F, so that is the only drawback, but you may have that in most places in the mid-Atlantic.

Asheville is also great - fantastic climbing and restaurants too.

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My team is planning the same - escape icy Ohio in March. We are scouting the Athens, Georgia scene. They’ve got a heck of a bike community, including their famed Winter Bike League. It’s not that much further south than NC, and much warmer.

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Perfect spot and serious climbing in the North GA mountains is only a little more than an hour away. So much good climbing in the Helen, Dahlonega, Blairsville area.

I’d go further west in North Carolina as others have mentioned, beautiful place to ride. If you really want to save money you might look at staying on the Tennessee side and riding over into North Carolina. It varies a little with the communities but generally eastern Tennessee is just a bit cheaper.

North Georgia is also very nice, I don’t know how that would compare for lodging and food though.

All those options also probably give you a reasonably emergency plan of going just a bit further south if it’s cold/rainy as it could be in March.

Yeah, I was going to say the same. Past couple years we have gotten freak snow storms in March. I’d go further south as you suggested. Asheville is a great suggestion.

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A lot of people have already mentioned it, but I’ll support that Asheville, NC is fantastic (I spent a weekend riding there in November - it’s awesome). Helen, GA is also a great spot - kitchy little faux-German/Swiss alpine town with awesome riding and good food/drink options.

Haven’t been there for a couple of years but this is perfect for a team training camp. Tons of great riding, killer climbs, everything you’d want for a camp