Best Mallorca Cycling Holiday/Tour Group

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What is the best Mallorca cycling group for someone coming there for a week of challenging fun? I was pretty set on Trek Travel but after reading this An (independent) review of 8 top Mallorca cycling holiday/tour companies I realized there’s many more options.

I want to see as much of the island’s best in one week but was a little off put by Trek Travel’s $2k price tag (and the heavy Domane SL7 endurance bike would be using with them). This is also after realizing theres a ton of gpxes of the best routes online and you could simply bring your own bike and stay somewhere more affordable than a spa hotel.

Appreciate any advice Ive always wanted to go but never been. Im sure theres many here who have gone and have some important tips

Ive always went with Mallorca Cycling Tours and found their routes interesting and varied and the overall package good value. Lol, when I looked theyve still got the photo of me when I joined them last after the 312 on their rotating banner on the front page. That’s me in the Yellow DCC kit :joy:

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Nice! Thanks they were looking pretty good in that review of the 8 as well. 750 not bad

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not used them personally, but know a lot of people who use Stuart Hall (repeatedly) so that says to me they must be good

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Depends what your objective is, I’ve always travelled independently and enjoyed a nice tour around. If you want the group experience, you will cover a lot more ground but won’t really see anything. For me, that is a great shame, Mallorca is full of little towns and villages etc that are crying out for a relaxing stop, the tour groups can be a bit chain gangy. If I want to go full gas, I can sit in the garage for free, a trip to Mallorca should have a holiday element. Whatever you do, you will want to go back.

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Whatever you do, you will want to go back.

Thanks really excited now!

Where are you planning on staying? North East, Pollenca/Alcudia area is the go to place.

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I used Stuart Hall for a training camp in Mar 2020 in preparation for my first race season. Didn’t get to do any racing, but did have my highest ever FTP after the camp! Can 100% recommend them. No idea why they’re so much cheaper than some of the other companies as their guides are absolutely fantastic people and the hotels are plenty nice enough.

They usually have 3 different groups going out every day at varying pace/distances, but all with a cafe stop. If there’s any thing on the island you really want to see they’ll certainly try and accommodate that. I’ve booked again with them for October.

This for sure :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:


Staying in Mallorca pretty regularly, next time this Easter.
We love staying in Deià or Soller, because it’s right in the Serra de Tramuntana.
Highlights in Mallorca are obvious. Climbing aficionados might find the Sobremunt (Es Verger) interesting, as it is the only steep long climb on the island. Definitely the hardest climb I have done on Mallorca.
For classic Climbs of Serra de Tramuntana, I can recommend this loop most.
At the roundabout before Coll de Soller, there is a little parking area, where you park your car, in case you don’t stay near there.

Coll de Soller → Soller → Puig Major (Tunel de Monarbar) → The OJ Shack → Sa Calobra → Coll del Reis → Coll de sa Batalla → Alaro → Orient → back to the start (Coll d‘Honor).