Taper vs. rest week before a cycling holiday

Humblebrag…I’m heading to Majorca in a week, for a vacation/solo training camp! If a solo training camp is a thing. Basically I’ll be riding while the wife is sleeping, and then doing vacation stuff with her all day. It’s going to represent a significant increase in TSS, and also additional stress due to hiking etc. Unlike a proper training camp, I won’t get to just snooze all day after riding.
I’ll be finishing a repeated week 3 of Sustained Power Build tomorrow. I repeated the week to make rest week fall right before Majorca, as the plan in its standard form would have had rest week this week. I’ve scheduled Tues - Whorl, Wed - Lazy Mountain, Thurs - Collins +1 and leave for the trip Friday night.
I’m wondering if this is the right approach? Would I be better off taking the taper week approach like I’ve heard the guys talk about on the podcast of short rides with high intensity? Will a low intensity, longer distance rest week like I have currently scheduled leave me with flat legs come my first ride in Majorca next Sunday? I’ve listened to the recent podcast about training camps, and unfortunately what to do the week before wasn’t really discussed, they did go into detail about the following week though.

If you are riding solo, none of that matters. Does it matter if you feel flat? Doesn’t every ramp test follow a recovery week? You’re overthinking this. Take your recovery week and enjoy your vacation peaceful rides.


You make a good point. I guess I just want to feel at my best for some hills I’ve dreamt of climbing for a long time. I’m riding solo, but as always, the only person I’m racing is a shittier version of myself.

what do you have planned for after Majorca? Important part of the question. Also, when was your last rest week? Make sure you take recommendations when people have seen your whole picture (the forest) versus just the lead up to a training camp (the trees).

ps, LOL humblebrag. That trip sounds awesome!

My own experience has been that I typically do my regular training leading up to the trip, perhaps taking just an extra day off before travel. I’ve done this for several trips to Maui where I did a ton of riding while there, and also before summer mountaining biking trips. Even though there is a big bump in TSS on the trips, it always seems manageable and this is likely related to increased sleep, relaxation, and good healthy eating. Along with riding, I tend to be active when away and 20,000 step days are pretty normal. I don’t find it to be a big issue.

I do find that taking a little recovery time when I return can be help, although this year I jumped straight into the first week of SSBI MV and it wasn’t a problem. However if it were a higher intensity plan then I might have felt it a bit more.

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The week after will be a bit of a forced week off the bike. I have to travel for work Mon-Fri that week. So I’ll probably ride Monday morning before leaving, and then I may be able to go to a spinning class while on the trip. I think all that is available in the town I’m traveling to is 45min spin classes. So maybe I’ll do one on Wednesday, and then resume normal training Saturday at home. Would be a shame to lose what fitness I may gain in Majorca by taking a week completely off. I’ve never done a spinning class before, should be interesting. I’ll be sure to do it in full kit. My last rest week was the one right at the end of SSB 2. So that was Feb 18-24
The awkwardness with the timing is that, as scheduled, I should be finishing sustained power build with a rest week Apr 15-21. But with the work trip Apr 9-13 being a rest week, it would mean back to back rest weeks. I’m thinking I just cut the Apr 15-21 rest week, and jump straight into specialty (century mid) that week.

That was one thing the guys made a point of on the recent podcast. The importance of a rest after the trip, to let your body recover and soak in the adaptation.

Have you been to Majorca before? If your planning to ride in the mountains do keep an eye
on the weather forecast,those descents are deadly when wet

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I haven’t! Yeah, I’ve heard about the slippery situation. Is it really to the point where you just don’t ride if there is any rain? Or is it just a matter of descending slowly? There is some rain in the forecast unfortunately. Any suggestions for relatively safe rides in the Soller area on rain days? I’d hate to miss out on the classic climbs, but better to do so and have a season of riding ahead of me rather than a broken collar bone or worse.

yes do the taper week approach, so some days off and then some “high intensity”…really all you need is like 4-5 30 second kicks at 120%ftp. don’t go HAM.

Then hit the camp, then take your week off for work and absorb what you just did. You’ll be ready to rip when you get back!

Thanks Brendan, Do you have any TR workouts you like for tapering? I saw “Backbone” on @Jonathan ’ s Strava the other day, that he used as a race opener I believe. It looks to me like what I imagine taper week workouts to be when I hear them described.

If you’re taking your own bike then you’ll be able to adjust tire pressure for the conditions, that’s if you’ve got a gauge on the pump. I always hire and find they pump tires up rock solid which means descents become treacherous if it does start raining. I got caught in rain last year riding down to Soller and had to ride super cautiously. Squeaky bum time!

I would ignore the advice to taper. You’ve completed 4 full weeks of build. Take it real easy this week and take an extra complete day off.

Have fun!

Mon -rest
Tues rest
Wed -openers
Th rest
Fri openers

Openers being the 5 x 30s kicks to 120%.

Good luck!

Weather is interesting in Majorca. It could be raining in Palma but sunny In Port Pollensa.

There are some great rides around Soller. These routes can give you some ideas. There are some smaller but fun climbs east of Soller. Col d’Honor, Col d’Orient.

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I think your biggest problem will be remembering to get back in time to do things with your wife,it’s so so easy to get carried away with the whole Majorca thing and before you know it your at the far side of the island lol

Have a great time and let us know how you get on

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If I push it too much, you’ll know, because she’ll kill me and I’ll never update you guys on my trip lol.

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