Training after multiple injuries

4 weeks ago I made a really hard crash resulting in multiple injuries (ribs,pelvis,bruces, internal bleeding).

The most severe one is that I broke my pelvis at 4 places. So I can’t do much now. But I hope to start some light training in a few weeks.

Has anyone had comparable injuries? And how long did I have to stay of the bike

Sorry to hear that. Sounds really nasty.
Having had several surgeries, I would say it is most important to follow the advice of your doctor/surgeon, regarding your rehabilitation. Make sure you get access to a good physiotherapist, and do all the excersises they give you.
Being an athlete, you will recover much more quickly than the average Joe.
Also (my opinion) strengthening all the muscles and tendons around the pelvis, and getting them all working properly must be a priority , before you start any form of training.
You could check out Chris Froome , but being Froome, he would have had the best treatment around, so take with a pinch of salt!


I am not sure how comparable it is, but I shattered my femoral neck, had pretty invasive hip surgery, and was pretty well told I probably wouldn’t take part in sports anymore after my recovery.

That was 10 years ago, and since then I’ve become an ironman, a multi-day mountain ultrarunner, done a couple of 4:31 half irons, qualified for and ran the Boston marathon.

That all said, after my injury and surgery, I was only cleared for 50% weight bearing for 7 months, and I was not allowed to begin running again for 2 years.

It seemed like forever while I went through it, and there were years of rehabilitation to really get the body to the point where I am symmetrical enough that a good physio usually can’t tell I’ve had any injuries when riding and running with me, but I eventually got past it all, and am much fitter now than I ever was before the accident, and now have more reason to keep it that way.

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No experience of broken bones but when I suffered internal bleeding (grade 4 kidney damage) it was 9 weeks before I sat on the trainer and 5 months before the doctor gave the OK to get back on a MTB.

Talk to your doctor about the internal injuries. You can be doing yourself harm without feeling any pain


Just made a fairly similar post. Not nearly as bad as you but I broke 4 ribs on Saturday and have been able to resume sweetspot work almost immediately without much discomfort. Pelvis may well be different but I figure if it doesnt cause pain you shouldn’t be doing much harm!?

All the best for your recovery!

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