Planning 2019 peak

I’m trying to figure out how to plan for my peak in mid August - which is about 38 weeks from now. I’m just about to wrap up the CX season and my goals for next year include some road, mtb, and cx is a bonus. My main goal is for road in that August time period. Up to that point, I’ll be racing throughout the spring and summer and I guess my question is: what should I be doing to fill those extra weeks if I start my plan tomorrow? Follow the last few weeks of the speciality plan that I chose? There’s going to be 10 or so extra weeks.

Right now it’ll go:
SSB Mid Volume I
SSB Mid Volume II
General Power Build Mid Volume
Rolling Road Race Mid Volume
General Power Build Mid Volume
Rolling Road Race last two weeks back and forth - I think this gives me four weeks - and I can just do those last two weeks back-to-back.

Instead of trying to maintain Peak fitness at the end of your training cycle, I think it would be better to add on some extra base training or even do a modified base, build, base, build, specialty cycle.

So, here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Do the first ten weeks of Sweet Spot Base until you have 28 weeks until your event (this is how long a full base, build, specialty cycle takes)
  2. Restart SSB with the ramp test To make sure your FTP is up to date.
  3. Go into General Build
  4. Finish up with Rolling Road Race

It’s better to tack on extra base training at the beginning then try to maintain Peak fitness at the end. A stronger base = more growth potential!

Hope this helps!


Thank you @Ian. Gotta agree - all about that base

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