Trainerroad workout to bolt

If there anyway to get the workouts on my bolt without having to create them in Trainingpeaks?

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Not that I know. They do not provide a pathway to port the work outside to head units.

It has been requested and is under consideration, but not planned anytime soon.

I could be wrong but I think if you have something like a kickr and a bolt you can perform a trainerroad workout on your kickr and record it to the bolt. You can then follow this workout again outside using your bolt. I’ve never tried it and it would only work for workouts you’ve performed inside and recorded on the bolt.


thanks chad.

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I’m a software idiot. Any help how to push it to TP then to the Bolt?

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ok just to verify there isn’t a way to copy a workout in TR to TP? We have to manually create the TR workout in TP I take it.

Thx for the link to push from TP to the Bolt.

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AFAIK, there is no direct path for workouts from TR > TP.

I think you need to create them in TP manually.
(I admit that I haven’t tried this in any way, so there may well be a work around.)

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I have been looking into this and haven’t been able to find a way. You can go the other way and take a TP created workout file and drag and drop into the TR workout creator but not the other way.

I hope this comes at some point as I ride outside every 6 days a week during the summer and there is no way I’m purposefully sitting on a trainer to do my intervals. I can create them in TP so they sync to the bolt but that gets a bit tiresome.