TrainerRoad workout library is great

Everytime I create a custom workout for a specific purpose…if I would just poke around the workout library for another 30 minutes I can probably find it there already.

I started doing hard start VO2max after fiddling with a friend’s moxy probes…didn’t need to create a custom workout. TR already has some hard start VO2max workouts.

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Yes, I also find the TR workout library to be very valuable. The way I use it, though, might be slightly different:

My interval training is focused on building fatigue resistance through doing progressive Time-in-Zone (TiZ) intervals, or more specifically, for intervals at lactate threshold and below (e.g. sweet spot, threshold, over/unders). So as I continue up the time ladder within each type of interval, I search for workouts that meet the progression, such as going from a 30 min threshold workout of 3x10 to a 36min one of 3x12. I then import the workout into Workout Creator and make modifications I feel appropriate (warmup, intensity level progression, rest interval, cool down). The dual combo of the workout library and WorkoutCreator is great!

Not to be greedy :slight_smile: , but I am looking forward to improved workout library search and WCv2.


@Brennus, do you have a sample progression for these hard start/race-winners workouts? So far I’ve done Lion Rock and Chimneys +2. Priest +2 on deck but not sure where to go after that.

Dorr, Dorr +4, Dorr +5! Whenever one Dorr closes, another one opens.

Or the Crane series…Crane +3, Crane +4, Crane +5. If do right, no can defend.


lmao. wax on, wax off!

Awesome, thanks!