Wattage Targets different outside?


I’ve been using the outside workouts on the weekends instead on staying indoors and I noticed yesterday that the power targets are increased by 10 watts when pushed to my wahoo computer from TR. The odd thing is is that the workout descriptions for the outside workouts on the desktop app don’t show the increase. Is this something that TR does for compensating for the difference in FTP for indoors vs outdoors being that FTP outdoors is usually higher? I did not have trouble hitting the higher targets which are given in 30 watt range. I was always on top of the range but it did make me wondering if I was the only one experiencing this or if it is just a function of the outdoor versions of the workouts. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Thanks-Pablo

***Update: I received this from Trainer Roads support today on this issue: Hey Pablo,

Thank you for reaching out to TrainerRoad Support.

When you are completing an outside workout, TrainerRoad will add 10 watts above and below the real target. This is because riding outside, it can be difficult to hit an exact power number, so having a range is more manageable! I believe this could be what you are seeing.

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That is the first I have heard of this. Please report this to support@trainerroad.com (if you haven’t already) and see if they can review it for you.

Maybe someone else has seen this too?

I doubt it’s this, but do the TR workouts take into account your FTP that’s set on your Wahoo for prescribing wattages? If so, perhaps the two are set differently??

That’s a good idea, I haven’t opened a ticket but I will.

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I don’t think it’s that I check my wahoo and it does have a way higher ftp that I put in previous but the targets don’t add up to that FTP.

I use my Garmin watch to do trainer road workouts and my PC to run zwift, I also noticed discrepancies, in my case last time I did SSB MV 2 the power targets were a little lower on my watch versus what the workout showed on the TR website. My assumption is that once I load the training plan it uses the “old” FTP and since 1st workout in the plan is FTP once you do that and get a new number, the website updates, but somehow what is pushed to the Garmin does not change.

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This is what I wish would happen, but ime its not the case.

For those of us with ~20 watt differences indoor vs out, the outside workouts are kind of useless.

  • OK, so this means the actual “Target Power” is still the same, whether inside or outside.

What we get for the outside workouts (that is effectively lacking on the inside workouts) is a defined “range” of XXX watts +/- 10 watts.

  • For a 200 watt Target Power, the limits are 190 watts to 210 watts. It is the goal range.

  • So we should not necessarily shoot for the top or bottom number, but try our best to stay within those limits.

Yes I understand why they have done this although I have been shooting to complete the workouts at the top of the ranges. I feel better outside so I’m still a believer in FTP is greater outside than inside but will see if it effects my next ramp test any. I’ll keep this thread posted.

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