TrainerRoad Status Page

This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have experienced this. Is there somewhere on the forum that tracks TR downtime ? Career Page, IOS App and TR Support Page were all down this time

It is extremely frustrating since it would be nice to have at least my next workout to do even if I had to just give it my best shot manually, or have some way of doing it offline.

While I was finishing this I was just refreshing my career page and it loaded :slight_smile:

You actually can do offline workouts

True, but…

  1. Initially, you need to log in with Internet connection.

Which I think means that if the TR site is non-functional, renders the app unusable as well.

ah, got it

Which if that is the case it should be a very quick job to make a health check.

This was the problem last night. I just got lucky that everything seemed to only be down for 15 minutes from the time I noticed the issue this time.

It talks about being able to do them but what steps do I need to perform to download them? Also looks like I need to download again after each ride because of AI changes.