Using TR offline

Hey everyone, from what I’ve read it looks like you can still access TR workouts without internet connection. I’m going off the grid for a couple days but was thinking of taking my trainer with me… dare I ask if anyone has used TR without the internets? haha!


Recently I started training in the shed. I just take my laptop there but there’s no internet connection. TR works fine but will obviously not sync with the website. So if you have your training laid out and synced it to the app before going of the grid you should be totally fine.



Okay cool… thanks man

Just to add that I do all my workouts offline ( because my shed is far away) and it all works fine. Then I upload my ride once I come back into the warmth and WiFi.

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Planning to do some workouts offline - saw the support article, but am trying to understand the significance of this part:

“ 3. However, workouts done without an Internet connection will not sync to your TrainerRoad Career online.

So when I am back in WiFi coverage, what happens/what do I do? Will it just not ‘sync to your career’ because your career is supposed to reflect the most recent workout?

@monts as long as you let the program download all the workouts you’ll be fine to load and execute the workout. Or at least I’m able to do this without any issue.

The only caveat I’ll offer is that you should make sure to also record and save the workout on your GPS headunit. You could have problems when the TR-recorded workout tries to download to your career data. If you’ve got it on your headunit you can at least do the transfer manually if you have to.

This means that your completed ride will not push to your account until you have WiFi. Once you have WiFi connected, it should sync up like normal :slight_smile: .