Can I do TR workouts offline?

I’m heading offshore next month and looking to continue training, I have an issue the vessel I’m going on doesn’t have strong enough WiFi and I’ll most likely be out of 4/5g signal.
Is there any way I can download the workouts I have on my plan?


I train in my badement without signal. Write down the workouts and do them offline. They‘ll sync once you have reception.

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Might not be an option but the wifi in my folks place wasn’t strong enough to reach to their garage. Id go close to the server and sync, before going to their garage without wifi to train.


The short answer in my experience is no… my bike shed is a few hundred feet from the house, and until the recent WiFi network, I used to have to start the workout in the house, and then carry my laptop up to the shed. This often meant that certain bluetooth items didn’t pair. It was always a hassle. TR kind of mentions that its possible, but every time I’ve opened the app(phone or laptop) without signal I can only get to the login screen, which then requires signal to verify that you’re a paid user I’m guessing. I’ve tried leaving the app open, but that hasn’t worked for me, as mentioned regarding pairing.

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i am pretty much in the same boat. fire up laptop/app in the house and then head out. although if i recall, I may have heard that you need to log into the app within the last 30 days to start the app offline. don’t recall if i ever tested that out.

Maybe a feature request? Even if it was a limited library of 5-10 workouts where you can download to use offline when no WIFI or cell service would work.

You can download movies and music when offline… makes sense in this case as well.

The official TR advice:


@wysbf2 nailed it – at this time, you’ll have to login to the TR app with Internet connection, but once that’s done, you can train offline and your workouts will be saved locally on the device you are using to run the TR app.

@Macmisslie if you have enough WiFi signal on the vessel you’ll be on to login to the TR app to get things started, you should be okay to then take your device to where you’ll have your bike/trainer stored to get your workouts in!

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This seems pretty convoluted considering the infinite number of paid subscription apps that work offline. Not an issue for me personally luckily.

Wow, Totally agree.

I would assume TR doesn’t allow all your workouts off line so someone can’t sign up for a month, Build out their entire year of training, download it off line then quit TR. This is less of a issue now with AIFTP and AT, but still its an issue. Or, one could build out a training plan for a friend, download all the workouts off line, the rebuild their own plan.


But then they don’t get AI, adapted training, AiFTP, Training calendar. If a static plan is TRs main offering as a subscription service then that is as a very weak offering. I have better ‘fixed’ plans than TRs which I’ve had for years and paid for once.

If that TRs worry, I would be concerned about their business model. Isn’t the other offerings what makes TR… well TR.

All the other apps with paid subscriptions have the same issue, it would be easy enough to have a timeout feature based on your next payment date.
Because the plan would be static anyways you could just pay for one month and write all the workouts down anyways so it’s not much of a safeguard.

Possible workaround - could you download it to your bike computer as an “outdoor workout” and then just run your trainer from there?

Not sure if it’s less of a hassle than trying to get the app to work offline.

As mentioned above, if there is a way of getting your bike computer to control the wire exercise bike, or at least connect so you can see the data, I’d download to the computer as outdoor rides.

I think this is my best option, this and write the session down old school.

Thanks for everyone’s ideas. Guess I’ll just need to go and see what happens.
It’s one of the pitfalls of working away training doesn’t always go smoothly some places have a bike others don’t. This time I’m not taking the chance I’m taking one if my bikes and turbo with me.

If you have cell (mobile) reception you could hotspot your phone to whatever you run TR on and get it connected that way?