Success from TR

I’ve been a TrainerRoad user for over a year now. I did the sweetspot base I and II plus the General Build plan this winter. I entered my first MTB race in June and scored the win in the sport 40+. Won again yesterday and just got my Cat 1 XC upgrade today. TR works!


Definitely works for me!
I’ve been using TR for like 2-3 months now and I’ve had massive improvements. I was caught up in a crash on the 2nd of February 2018 no riding for 5 months. It was really hard to get back into it to the level I was at which wasn’t particularly high but high enough. I was more of a sprinter and I did really well in crits. I wanted to increase my endurance which I absolutely sucked at. After many months of stuffing around with no real training.
I started Zwift with a free 3 months I got a few months earlier. Loved being able to ride and did some workouts but it just wasn’t for me. After the 3 months ended I started to use TR and that’s where I got some real results. Many people commenting on my increase in performance. I have overtaken where I was at before my crash. Even commissaires from races I’ve recently done are surprised how far I have come from such a bad crash in such little time.

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