Trainerroad prepared me for my bike segment

Tri newb here, new-ish to structured training on trainers.
Started late last year and kinda fell off the wagon in april-may (when it got nice outside and i started commuting again 100km + per week)

Had my very first race, a sprint, and i’d kinda fallen out of shape for intense cycling session…
Yes i’d done lots of z2 HR riding in my commutes so i had volume behind me, and i had a few rides with buddies that were a bit more intense…but nothing race pace.

Well when i ended up doing my 20k, i felt for the first time in months what it was like to keep cycling NON-STOP. Now i wasn’t at my best after a $hit swim (and i ended up cramping on the bike) but all that trainerroad riding allowed me to understand/believe that i could do it, and add some more intense intervals throughout.

Now i “only” managed to do the 20k in 38 minutes on a road bike (supersix evo), i want to get faster for next year, and now i understand why i should have stuck to my plan and to the trainer unlike what i did…which was nothing on the trainer for the past 4 months.

I’m thankful though that trainerroad gave me that “insight” of non-stop effort and i finally have a better appreciation for it!