TrainerRoad Review Site is Up! (46,000,000+ rides in our system!)

You should add total Watts/KJ or KW-Hours to the ticker

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I really enjoy TR and all it has to offer, but this thread and that counter just screams group think and confirmation biases!!!

One quick review of “Feature Request” via search/tag, coupled with the various dissenting opinions from those users that really dislike the new Calendar, is enough for me to see that there is plenty of interest in improving the TR world vs pure back slapping in appreciation.

I think the fuller picture is that TR does a great job, but as with anything, can benefit from changes and improvement. Their constant interaction via questionnaires, the forum and the regular support channels go a long way towards making those positive changes.

I think the strong positive reaction to TR in general is viewed in light of other companies and services that are far less responsive and appreciative of their user base (looking at you Zwift & Jon Mayfield).


I’ll fight anyone that leaves a 1 star review.


As per @mcneese.chad comment. There is loads of debate over features we would like to see or things we don’t like so much. What does happen is you get decent answer, it might be ‘no’ but what other product encourages such interaction and gives honest responses from staff right up to and including the owners?


I think that’s probably because only 5 star reviews get published. I’ve left a review that isn’t visible, hopefully the feedback is still being taken on board though which is the main thing.