Best setup for running TrainerRoad, Zwift, and Discord at the same time?

I have some riding buddies I join on Zwift regularly but I prefer doing a structured workout at the same time. I can run Zwift and TrainerRoad at the same time on my laptop but I’d prefer a dedicated setup for my trainer time. Zwift on AppleTV looks great but I’d need to make sure I can mix in TrainerRoad (on my iphone?) and Discord (also on my iphone?)

…and in full honesty, sometimes I watch YouTube while on TrainerRoad.

Are there any solid solutions aside from a dedicated Mac or Windows machine?

Does iPhone allow split screen apps? → TR and Discord in parallel.

Otherwise, transferring TR workout as outdoor to your head unit and use discord on iphone?

There’s a Windows version of Discord. In theory you could run it all on the laptop, probably using a BT headset.

I should check and see if I can connect my Wahoo Kickr to my phone and computer at the same time via bluetooth. Actually, I wonder if my Viiiiva HR strap would be helpful. Might be able to relay an ANT connect to bluetooth.