Best setup for running TrainerRoad, Zwift, and Discord at the same time?

I have some riding buddies I join on Zwift regularly but I prefer doing a structured workout at the same time. I can run Zwift and TrainerRoad at the same time on my laptop but I’d prefer a dedicated setup for my trainer time. Zwift on AppleTV looks great but I’d need to make sure I can mix in TrainerRoad (on my iphone?) and Discord (also on my iphone?)

…and in full honesty, sometimes I watch YouTube while on TrainerRoad.

Are there any solid solutions aside from a dedicated Mac or Windows machine?

Does iPhone allow split screen apps? → TR and Discord in parallel.

Otherwise, transferring TR workout as outdoor to your head unit and use discord on iphone?

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There’s a Windows version of Discord. In theory you could run it all on the laptop, probably using a BT headset.

I should check and see if I can connect my Wahoo Kickr to my phone and computer at the same time via bluetooth. Actually, I wonder if my Viiiiva HR strap would be helpful. Might be able to relay an ANT connect to bluetooth.

An iphone can handle all of them at the same time. Also if you want, you can join a discord server to talk to people like yourself. We actually just chill in a bizzare day discord which is actually a pretty fun game you should try out. Anyways, ask for karen if you end up joining from discordserverlists!

DC Rainmaker recently posted an extended assessment of options: How-To: Using Zwift and TrainerRoad Concurrently | DC Rainmaker

I run Zwift and TR on my laptop at the same time, works perfect every time. I never ride in ERG mode so I set Zwift to control my trainer and then follow the trainer road for the workout. I set Zwift to receive info via Ant + and TR via bluetooth. I then have my iPad next to it for entertainment

Not sure you will find anything quite as versatile and cost effective as a dedicated windows machine, expecially if you care at all about the graphics on zwift.

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I have an LG OLED …I run TR on my iPad Pro …then mirror it to the tv…then I select the Picture in Picture option to drop it into the corner

I then fire up zwift on my Apple TV.

I can run discord on my iPhone.

I have a Kickr core fyi.

FWIW I have a windows 11 laptop running TR with all sensors on ANT+ along with my kickr and my phone running Zwift on BT with my HR/assiomas. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can definitely run discord alongside TR on the laptop, which I prefer since it is a little more robust than my phone :slight_smile:

Also, and this may not apply to you, Discord doesn’t play very nicely with some audio setups (e.g., adapters/DACs/etc) on mobile devices and supports far more on the desktop application.