Trainerroad + KickrBike = disaster!

Just switched over to TR from sufferfest this weekend (spent ages getting all set up with a plan, etc)

This morning was my first workout…and it’s not been good so far!

The app takes an age to detect my bike and HRM in the first place (compared to Garmin and Sufferfest) but that aside - I’m in Erg mode and, say it wants 150W…it will SLOWLY apply resistance to get me there and as soon as it hits 150 it drops off…falls to 80 ish and slowly builds back up.

It’s like the resistance is being controlled by someone dumb with very slow reactions (not ££££££ of high tech kit!)

What on earth am I doing wrong - had to abandon the workout!

Tried with 2 iphones and an ipad!


TR works great with my Neo bike. Maybe email support? They’re pretty quick.


Your description makes it sound like there might be multiple apps trying to control the bike at the same time? I would make triple sure that all other apps besides TR are unpaired (both ANT+ and BT) from anything on the kickrbike.


Thanks - I’ll give it a go!

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It worked!!!

Out of curiosity - I assume there is no issue with multiple installations of the app - as long as I only pair the bike to ONE device?

Right, only pair to one device or you will definitely have issues.

For testing, I’d make darn sure to kill all other apps so you have no chance of an issue. Establish if you get good or bad results and go from there.

Then can be great help if needed.