Power up and Download and up agan

Leanest beta. My kickr of last year didn’t work this morning after upgrading to latest beta. Use with assistance pedals. Tried to turn them off and use different settings for power smoothin and… restart equipment and restart ride but. Resistance came up to level and then dropped, again and again. Look at picture. How might I adress this. Happy to share files etc in analysing.

check if you have any other devices connected to your trainer, I have experiences similar issues (although with a lower frequency of drops and spikes) when I had left my laptop running downstairs with the TR app open, and started a workout on my phone…:


Same, every time had issue with weird trainer mode (“What is it going now??”) was due to having another device connected without me initially realising.


Same, looks exactly like when I have both my laptop and phone with TR open and connected to the trainer. Only one is running so it just back and forth between the higher power active workout and the unpowered menu.

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could be it! will make sure no laptop is present when i try again friday eve. thanks!

  1. Can you let us know what version Kickr/year you’re working with?

  2. You’re getting the right advice here from other athletes about making sure there aren’t other connections to your trainer and your power meter other than TrainerRoad; other apps, devices, otherwise.

I don’t think this is a bug or a dropout issue, the most likely issue is the Kickr possible pairing to another 3d party app creating a connectivity conflict.

To address this:

  • Make sure your TrainerRoad app is updated to the most current version, (You’ve done this! All square).
  • Do a complete reset of the trainer (unplug for a few min before plugging back in)
  • Make sure you’re not due for a Kickr firmware update. [Here] is the link to download.
  • After you’ve checked for firmware updates in the Tacx app, you’ll want to ensure you’re not connected to any other 3rd party apps, including the Tacx app you just used.

Give those steps a shot, I’m with the gang here though that this is likely a connectivity conflict, so should be an easy fix. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting me know how it goes!

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I will try again tonight. There is a strong possibility that the laptop was open with trainerroad app open too, when this happened. Been sick and busy since, didn’t get to check yet but will soon.

I am on the kickr model of 2021 (not the core but the top model) and on latest beta of trainerroad on all platforms, iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Also use a wahoo HR strap and Assioma pedals with or without power (depends, sometimes only cadence, was messing with this since I thought it might be a cause of concern).


Working out without issues this Saturday morning. Laptop behind me and closed! That must have been it, two connected instances of TrainerRoad.

Is there a way for the app to detect and warn against this condition? Would be great. Thanks! Thanks :pray:

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Not sure on a warning, but feeling the yo-yo power is a pretty clear sign something is off. Takes me maybe 2 mins or less to realize it’s happening and then look for the 2nd device to close.

It’s pretty obvious now that you’ve been thru it, and its why everyone above guessed correctly. :stuck_out_tongue: