Trainerroad high volume plan - 3 hard workouts in a row?

Hi all,
I am following the Trainerroad high volume plan since the beginning of this year and made steady progress with my FTP and can recover well. However, this week and also next week, I only got one endurance ride scheduled, the other ones are all Threshold, Vo2max and one SweetSpot. Today, I did a 1h45 Threshold workout, almost the same as yesterday. Is this intended? I always follow the adaptive suggestions. Next week looks like this and my legs feel a bit scared:

If relevant, these are my progression levels:

I just let TR recreate my plan and deleted the existing one and now, I got my 2 weekly endurance rides again. Was that a bug before with only 1 easy day, and 3 consecutive hard days in one week?


I think this is why the TR team typically recommends that very few people should undertake the high volume plans. Unsure of your history, fitness, etc., but my take from the podcast is that they are for the top 1%ers (so to speak).

I dont want to give up weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Group rides/ TTs so I’m on a LV plan with Monday and Friday being rest days the LV plan will also suggest 3hard workouts in a row. You don’t need to actually do them though and I usually drop the middle workout to a TrainNow suggested workout (usually an endurance one).

Glad rebuilding the plan solved your issue!

It does sound like there was an error that occurred when building your initial plan (or something went wrong with the adaptations you were given).

The “stock” High Volume Sustained Power Build plan you are currently on looks like this for reference:

So you’d typically have 3 “hard” sessions, 2 “easy” sessions, and 1 “moderate” session. The order in which these workouts appear may vary depending on how one organizes their training calendar, but ideally, athletes won’t have to do 2 “hard” sessions in a row.

If anyone else bumps into a similar problem, please let me or TR Support know!

Hi Zackery,

thank you for your reply. After resetting the plan and doing the first workouts of the new plan and answering the workout survey, Adaptive Training scheduled another “horror block” of 3 hard workouts in a row. I didn’t change anything manually and let Adaptive Training completely design it:

Edit: In my survey responses, I gave expectable answers (i.e. hard for hard workouts and easy for easy workouts)

Appreciate the heads-up! I ran a refresh on your plan and things are now looking as they should.

Please let me know again if this issue persists and we can dive deeper to see if anything else is going on here.

Hi Zackery, it has happened again (first week of August). Can you please find a permanent solution?

Hey there – one of my colleagues just took a look into your TR Calendar and believes they found the problem that was causing this issue. It should be fixed permanently now!

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