Trainerroad has erased all my activities sync from strava!

Hi, I disconnected and reconnected my Strava account from Trainerroad to fix a known problem (workout image not pushed to Strava when sync).
Unfortunately, a terrible consequence happened. Trainerroad erased all my activities pulled from Strava.
Has someone already encountered this problem? Inacceptable to loose all his data like this !!!

Contact support, they’re great:

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When you disconnect from Strava you are telling them that you no longer want all of your data to be shared with the 3rd party app (TR) so it gets deleted. But if you then reconnected I believe it should all resync but it might take some time.

According to above (didn’t check the terms myself) Strava API terms request deletion when Strava access is revoked.


Disconnect Strava, wait 48hr, then reconnect.