TR workout accidentally deleted but still on Strava

As per title, I have accidentally deleted a TR workout but as I have Strava Sync active it is still on Strava. How could I force a resync to have it in my TR calendar? It was one of the 10 needed for AI FTP detection

TR to Strava sync is a once off push activity action, it doesn’t pull back. Strava does sync to TR but as a non TR structured ride. Which won’t be part of the 10. TR support may be able to force it again for you In the absence of that what you’ll probably have to is download the file from strava (preferably I think as a .tcx) and import it to TR on the web (Career>Past Activities). But like I was saying its a non TR structured ride; which won’t be part of the 10, Alternatively (and I can’t guarantee it) support maybe able to restore the deleted file which if they can will be recognised as one of the 10.


I had a similar issue recently and support was a big help. I tried to upload the file to TR but got an error because it was identified as a TR workout. I chatted with support, emailed them the .fit file, and they got it uploaded right away.

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Cool thanks will try