All Strava rides from the last years that were synced to Trainerroad are gone now [Resolved ✅]

Because of Strava not uploading the last ride today to Trainerroad I disconnected and reconnected Strava sync to Trainerroad. Now all of the uploaded rides from Strava from the last 2 - 3 years are gone from the Trainerroad calendar. I only can see the workouts that I have done on Trainerroad and the Training Stress calendar on top looks very empty too. Am I missing something? Is it because I am not a paying member of Strava anymore?

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If you disconnect from Strava the rides are removed. Something dealing with licensing with Strava. Reconnect and see if you can re-sync.

After reconnecting it took a while, but all Strava rides are back. Thank you

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I’m so glad to see @fljones3 was able to point you in the right direction, and that your Strava rides are back!
I’ll mark this thread as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’ for now, but feel free to post again if issues persist! We’re here to help.

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