Trainerroad froze for the first time

Did a free ride tonight just for some extra miles. Planned on 45 mins but after 3/4 of the ride the power stuck at 150w and and the cadence stayed the same if I pedalled or not. I went to the devices menu where the values reacted as they should but back in the workout it kept stuck.
I loaded a ramp test as a check but it registered no power or cadence.

It seems to have fixed itself upon resetting the app but thought you’d want to be made aware. I’m using an iPad Air2 over Bluetooth with a tacx flux and so far no issues at all

Hey Adam,

Sorry that happened to you, but thanks for letting us know! I’m having someone from our Support team reach out to you via email, hopefully they will be able to troubleshoot these sticking values for you and get it all sorted out. Best of luck with your training!