Trainerroad forum and website linked ? (Autom. logout problem.)

When i’m logged in on the forum and then log in on the TR website on another tab I automatically get logged out on the forum.
This does not happen the other way around.

So I have to first log in on the website, to see career etc., and then log in on the forum to use them both.
(My browser automatically deletes all cookies upon closing so maybe this has something to do with it too.)

Not really a big problem, just have to log in the right order, but just wanted to point it out.

I think it’s the link from website to furum, if you’re using it, using my bookmark is fine but not the hyperlink.

Are you using the integrated authentication? I had a similar problem and just switched to username/pwd for both TR-proper and the forum. See this thread:

I’m using the link TrainerRoad - Cycling & Training Forum for the forum and for the other login.
Nothing extra in the url.

Also tried it in the Edge browser (clean install, no plugins) and the same thing happens.

Sorry forgot to answer.

No i’m typing the login by hand and my browser deletes all login information as well as cookies upon closing.

Are your usernames and passwords the same between the 2 parts of the site? Something wonky definitely started happening with the authentication cookies when got moved to TrainerRoad - Cycling & Training Forum but I gave up trying to nail it down.

Usernames are not the same, Email and pw are.