Firefox irritant

Real first world problem here… If I am reading the forum in Firefox and click on the link to get to my calendar. It goes to the login page. If I login there it dumps me out of the forum. I have selected logging with TR on the forum login page… tried the other options too to see if can stay logged in.

What dweebisness am I committing here?

As i said real first world problem there… not really llosing sleep over it but if the fix is trivial I might as well do it.


I had all kinds of login/logout flog when the forum got moved from to’forum (like 2 months ago now?). I use chrome, but like you was doing TR-login for the forum. I made the problem go away by issuing a pwd reset for the forum and using a manual login there.


As @gcarver mentioned, a password reset could do the trick. I also might try navigating to and logging out and logging back in to see if it will retain your login credentials when going from the forum to the website :+1:

Ta :+1: