Forum login1234

Why you need to log in to this forum, as you come through Trainerroad app in your phone, when
you’re logged in to app continuously? Is this phone specific? (Google Pixel 6) Kinda annoying that is. Maybe it was a dream, but kinda flashback how that once or twice or even thrice did logging through app wo logging, no?

Might be that the platform that hosts the forum (Discourse) doesn’t let you log in from the external link. And for some reason your phone isn’t saving the cookies required to stay logged in.

If you want to go to the forum without logging in, I use the Discourse Hub app and then linked it to the forum so it’s always logged in.

Here’s the link to the app in the google play store:


Not the experience I get. I’m in a pixel 4a, android 13.
Could it be that you have cookies blocked in the browser you’re using?
I use FF as my default browser


On iOS, I’m logged in already from the app.

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It’s probably because of blocking cookies, what I do for general cybersecurity reasons. Not FF here but my browser is legit.

Ty all.

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Hey there,

We did some testing and found that the issue is indeed most likely coming from blocking cookies.

If cookies are not blocked, you’ll remain logged in on your browser of choice once you’ve logged in initially.