Www.trainerroad.com/app and www.trainerroad.com/forum have different log ins


For me, www.trainerroad.com/app and www.trainerroad.com/forum have two distinct log ins. Is this by design? The very strange thing is that when I log out of the web app, I am also logged out of the forum, but NOT vice versa. This kinda seems like a security red flag. Anyway, it would really be nice to have only one log in for both.


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Worked for me I activated a trial last year under and set up a new log in for the app. A month later I found my 8 year old log in details and logged into that on the forum :joy:

I believe that the forum is a “white label” discussion forum (Discourse) that is hosted by Discourse’s platform embedded into the Trainer Road site which is why you can/do have 2 different credentials. 1 for Trainer Road and 1 for Discourse.

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and I do believe they have single sign-on enabled between the two if you click the “log in with trainerroad” button.


Oh, interesting, I never noticed that button!

I definitely had a lot of authentication problems when the sites were merged. The sso/oauth never seemed to work right for me as one half of the site or the other would randomly log me out. I eventually got the usernames and passwords synchronized between the 2 sides and have been problem-free since.

Here’s a thread from then: Trainerroad forum and website linked ? (Autom. logout problem.) - #5 by gcarver

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Ah, I see I’m not the only one. Ok, I will try setting them both to the same username/password combo, so at least I don’t have to worry about which one I need.



You dont need the app to use the forum, but you can use your app credentials to log in…it is one of the options

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