Trainerroad customer support - still good or on a decline?

It is that time of year and a number of new riders are asking about what training software to use over the winter. In the past I have always included TR in my recommendations, but a very poor recent interaction with TR support has me second guessing this. It could be an outlier but just wanted to get a wider view on the current state of support from TR - good, indifferent, bad ?

I had a great service about a month ago after rearranging my office/training cave.

I would have had better service if I hadn’t set up an auto rule for the monthly invoice so I saw it quicker!

I’ve reached out to them twice. They were great both times

I used their chat for a question on the calendar and season settings. Don’t know that I’ve had a better experience with any other customer support group in the past.

No complaints from me only positive experiences.

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My GF recently wanted to get in on TR, so she did a ramp test. When I told her “just pedal 'til you can’t anymore”, she literally pedaled 'til she couldn’t anymore. No until she couldn’t hit the prescribed power, but until she physically could not pedal another stroke. I felt bad that I gave vague instructions and that she had to go that deep. She loves type 2 fun as much as me though, so the 40! min ramp test didn’t deter her from jumping back on the bike the trainer and hitting some sweet spot the next day :rofl:.

Anyways, a TR support agent emailed her later that day (Saturday) and said that her ramp test seemed to have gone a bit long and that once you can’t hit the prescribed power you can stop etc…

I don’t think customer service better than that exists. Almost like a personal coach in a way. I was supremely impressed by a company that has already impressed me with multiple times before…


TR support has always been on the ball for me. Fast, proficient and friendly.

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Only needed to use support once. (It was last week) Quick response and problem solved first time. :grinning:

I agree with those that have had great experiences. Support is highly responsive, friendly, and seem personally curious to figure it out.

In a few interactions, not unlike this forum, they seem more inclined to want the customer to participate in the problem solving. Meaning, they often ask for you to do more work to describe/detail/test the issue. I could see how this could come off as blaming it on user error, or questioning the veracity issue. Which can be frustrating to the person experiencing it. For instance, I am SURE there is a bug with the calendar where if I have 2 calendar tabs open and update one and/or the other, sometimes one overwrites the other. But I haven’t been able to document it to TR’s satisfaction. So I kind of just deal with it when it happens (about 25% of the time).

More broadly, and I see this in a few other threads, when it comes to feature requests, I do think there has been a bit of a change. It is only my perception, and not that strong, but my sense is earlier in TR’s life feature requests by users seemed more likely to be considered. Now, I see more comments about planned roadmaps and whether a feature is on it or not. Totally appropriate. But I glean that some customers want to understand more about the roadmap, and that the recently implemented features and the beta ios app, perhaps don’t scratch their itch. Was thinking about what the zeitgeist was for the most requested features. Maybe a poll? Curious if there is commonality at all on users’ feature priorities.


Not only are they quick to respond but also follow up after the fact, reminding me that I never attempted their prior troubleshooting steps they sent because I’m disorganized in my emails :rofl:

10/10 in my book

Same here. Brilliant service, and they even followed up after.

Brilliant in my experience too.

In all the products and services I’ve ever used in my life, TrainerRoad has the best customer support by far. I’m going into my 5th season using TrainerRoad and anytime I’ve ever had a problem, concern or even just a simple question, the support staff have been quick, extremely polite and helpful. They genuinely seem to care. This has recently been reminded to me when my internet went down and I spent hours of frustration with internet support staff!

100% A+ experience here.

The whole premise of this thread has me scratching my noggin. And to be honest, this is their forum. It feels like bad form to piss in their pool.

Your post is perfectly legitimate – but not on their forum. Reddit is maybe where you should post something like this?

  • I disagree. There is no stated or unstated need for comments on the forum to be positive towards TR.

  • From prior comments, I think Nate and other TR employees welcome constructive criticism and discussion about all aspects of TR. They all benefit from a different perspective, especially if it shows there is room to grow and improve the TR service.

  • Some issues may be better handled directly via the TR support channels, but I think there is room for open discussion like this right in the forum too.


I second @mcneese.chad 's opinion.

The tr gang seem open to constructive criticism and ideas. No point b***ching and moaning to no-one. If done here, in a respectful manner, we often get responses and justification.

It’s a good example of how to use social media channels.

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I had only extremely positive experiences with the support too.
Fast responses, very polite, helpful and generous. Made me happy to be part of this Trainerroad thing.

I do not use Reddit and thought this was the best forum to ask the question, Thank you for the clarification.

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Not sure if you have gotten it yet, but there is usually a follow-up email from using support. You can enter whether you were satisfied with the resolution or not, as well as add comments specific to your experience. I highly recommend using that option to specifically address your concerns.

Those direct contact methods are more likely to catch the attention of TR reps and may lead to further efforts on their parts. That’s all a guess on my part, but I suspect they will follow any negative comments as needed.

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Reached out to them a couple of times, lately the response times were still pretty quick. During the weekend and living in CET Time Zone I have had a detailed an sufficient answer over night.
I assume to reach out to @Nate_Pearson and describe your situation in some details, I guess he ll sort out any issues pretty quickly.

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Clearly the Trainerroad support is still very good and my little misadventure was not the norm.

With this information, I have no qualms about continuing to recommend TR to new riders as with all software there will be issues on occasion and people will need to contact support - so having a strong support presence is critical especially with new users.

Thank you to everyone for responding quickly and providing thoughtful responses.