Continued success with TR

Just a note to say that I’ve been using TrainerRoad for 3 seasons now, and I remain impressed with the software’s ability to consistently give me workouts that push me hard, but not over the top. Day after day after day, I get challenging workouts that take me just to the edge of my ability to finish, but leave enough in the tank that I’m back for more the next day.
I’m getting good results in races as well. I’m still consistently taking podiums in my target races, and brought home my first TT win last month.
Its easy sometimes to get caught up in the things TR doesn’t do (and I still want to see PL 2.0 or whatever they’re calling it now), but the simple fact is that short of hiring a coach (which is a lot more expensive than TR!), I’m not sure how else I could improve the structure of my training.
It’s also worth noting that I have never gotten less than a polite, professional, and prompt response from TR tech support. A company that delivers a great product but also fixes it when it falls short is a great company.
Thanks, TR. Keep up the great work.


Thank YOU, Barry – congrats on the awesome progress and keep up the excellent work! :muscle:

Happy training! :smiley:


Thanks so much for the kind words @Barry_Bean!

We appreciate it, and it’s great to hear real-life success stories from our athletes. It’s evidence that we’re doing something right and motivation to keep pushing things! :partying_face:

I’m with you! I’m going on to my fourth season with TR and still loving it!

Congratulations on your first TT win! That’s a special type of race to win I imagine! :racing_car: